Tips and Hints…

All light, not just UV light can be damaging.  Heat, pollution, moisture, and the materials that make up the piece, as well as poor quality framing materials, are all contributing factors.

To further safeguard your framed piece, a well controlled lighting environment, with low humidity is always recommended.  Avoid displaying artwork in direct indoor or outdoor light sources.  When some lighting of artwork is desirable, using special low watt halogen-based bulbs that redirect damaging UV and infrared rays of light are a good compromise.

Some types of glazing (glass) offered at Creative Framing:


Museum Glass:
Enhanced colors, brightness and contrast levels Anti-reflective, 99% UV Protection and anti static.

Reflection free viewing for amazing clarity

Protects from fading caused by UV light

Conservation Clear:  99%
Protects from fading caused by UV light

Conservation Reflection Control:

Non-glare, 99% UV Protection
Matte-like finish scatters light to minimize glare
Protects from fading caused by UV light

How can we help protect your framed pieces?

By selecting materials that meet conservation framing standards.

By using recommended glazing with at least 97% UV protection to reduce the damaging effects of UV light.

By educating  our customers on the factors that cause damage.

By recommending displaying your framed pieces in a well controlled lighting environment.

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